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User interface

Home screen

On the home screen in the new design, the cleaner has all the important information at his fingertips.
If the time recording has been started (1), the employee notes for the current location are displayed here directly (2). New tickets can be created or check forms can be filled out directly on the home screen (3).

In the top right corner of the home screen, employees will find two icons:

  • behind the smiley (4) employees can find their sticker collection, where all stickers they have received can be viewed.

  • behind the bell icon (5) employees can read news published by the system administrator.

In the lower area you will find the menu (6) with the sections Times, Chat, Tickets and more. Behind the "more" button (7) there are further options:

Here you can access the profile, with various setting options such as the profile picture (8).
In addition, the Help section with information on support and the system can be found here.
Under "My vacation" the employee has access to a yearly overview of his vacation days.
If the system administrator has set up external links, these can also be found behind the "more" button.

Clicking on "Home" takes the user back to the home screen.


On the home screen you will find the "more" button in the menu at the bottom. Click on it to open the personal profile settings under "Profile".

The following settings or actions can be made here:

Profile picture:
The Profile picture, which is displayed on the home screen and in the chat, can be changed here: By default, the profile picture is a random avatar. Click on "Change profile picture" to open the photo gallery or the camera. After a picture is selected or taken, the cropping can be set.
In Blink Manager, the profile picture is also displayed to the teamlead or object/location manager.
You can also access this setting by clicking on the avatar or profile picture on the home screen.

  • Receive push notifications: Here you can set whether the Blink me app is allowed to send push notifications, which are then displayed even when the app is closed.

  • Language selection: Here you can select from one of the 18 available languages for the app.
    Note: Currently, the Blink me app is only available in German.

  • Share chat with another device:If the profile is set up on a new device, the QR code or personal chat code can be used to share the chat with the new device.

  • Log out

System administrators can set up external links in the Blink Manager. This allows external websites such as discount portals or intranet sites to be integrated into Blink. External links are displayed in the main menu of Blink manager and in the menu of Blink me.

If such links have been created, they appear in the menu under "more". By clicking, the corresponding web page will open in a new window in the standard browser of your device.


The "More" button is located in the menu at the bottom of the start page. Click on it to open information on support and the system under "Help".

This section contains information about the user and the system, such as the current app version. In the "Help and data protection" tab, this online documentation can be accessed directly as well as the Blink data protection declaration.

In the "Help" section, users can also find contact information for getting in touch with the Blink support team by phone or email.

The help page also contains the log in which the system saves all technical app processes. The texts are not relevant for the user themselves, but provide important information for the support team: The log can provide information about where a technical error may have occurred.
If something is not working with the app, it may therefore be necessary to provide the support team with this log information:
To do this, scroll all the way down to the "Further actions" paragraph under and click on the "Log" button. At the top right of the page you will find an upload button. Click on it and confirm with "Send" in the pop-up window.

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