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Times and schedules

Time recording

Time recording works in the same way as in the Blink Time app: On the home screen, there is a green start button that is used to start time recording. Subsequently, the user can choose from three options for time recording - QR code scan, NFC code or recording without location code.

If an employee note is defined for the scanned location, it is immediately displayed in its entirety on the home screen.

The color scheme on the home screen makes it easy to see that a time recording process is now in progress. The green box displays the start time, a countdown and the location name. When switching to other sections of the app, a green bar is also displayed at the bottom to indicate that a time recording is currently running.

The time recording is stopped by pressing the red "Stop" button on the start page and recording the location code again.

Times can also be logged offline. As soon as a network connection is available again, the data can be transferred.


The Times section unites the features Times and Statistics in Blink Time.
The employee gets an overview of his working times and schedules:

  • marked in green marked are logged hours

  • marked in blue marked are planned hours

  • marked in yellow marked are absences (vacation, holydays, sickness etc.)

  • marked in red are problems (planned time without corresponding time entry)

  • marked in gray are days for which neither time logging nor planning are saved

The period for which times and schedules are to be displayed can be selected for Today, Current week, Current month or a user-defined period. The arrows can be used to jump forwards and backwards in the period.

In the lowest area, the employee gets an overview or summary for the selected period with the sum of planned times, worked hours, hours according to the contract and the difference.

The following is displayed in the individual entries:

  • the location

  • The logged or planned time

  • Target hours and actual hours

  • A paper clip indicating that the entry contains an attachment

  • A speech bubble indicating that the entry contains a comment

  • Absences are differentiated by name and icon

With a click on the entry

  • comments and attachments can be added for logged times and absences

  • details of the location can be displayed with a route planner for scheduled times

My vacation

On the home screen there is a "more" button in the menu at the bottom. By clicking on it, the personal vacation overview can be opened under "My vacation".

Here, the available vacation days are displayed for each year, as long as the compatible vacation days are stored in the employee's master data. If the vacation days are not stored in the master data, the total of the booked vacation days is displayed.

The individual vacation days are listed with date. The entries can be opened and supplemented with a comment or attachment. From the vacation overview, a vacation request can be created directly via ticket using the green "+ Vacation" button at the top right.

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