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Welcome to Blink me. We're glad you're here!
Blink me is the new generation of employee app in facility cleaning.

The centerpiece of the Blink me app is an improved and more user-friendly time recording system.
In addition, the app also offers many other features that pull the entire Blink universe into one application for employees.

For one, with its chat the Blink me app enables new communication options for professional cleaners. The ticket feature makes it easy to submit and track vacation requests or sick leave, among other things. And even Blink Check forms can be activated for employees to fill out via Blink me.

Please note: Both the chat and ticket functions are controlled via the Blink Active license. If this is not activated for the client, users can still use Blink me for time tracking, but the Chat and Tickets menu items are then hidden.

Good things come to those who wait
The Blink me app is intended to eventually replace the Blink Time app. After a long development period, it is currently still in beta testing with selected Blink customers. In fall 2023, the app will also be made available to other customers for tryout and testing, so that initial experience can be gathered. From spring 2024, the Blink me app will be rolled out across the board, and we will of course support you with a migration plan to ensure that the switch from Blink Time to Blink me is simple and trouble-free for your employees. This means: Currently there is no need for you to take action - but curiosity & excitement are of course welcome at any time. 🙂

This documentation introduces you to the apps' → set up, the user interface and the functions behind it.


If you have any questions that cannot be answered by this documentation, you can of course contact our support team directly.

By telephone: 0911 240 330 22

By e-mail:

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